Welcome to Lanexatek Creations!

Lanexatek.com is the home of Lanexatek™ Creations, a premier Internet application development and programming, music publishing, and visual multimedia production company located in Lanexa, Virginia.

About Lanexatek Creations

Tony Belcastro, founder of Lanexatek Creations, a former professional magazine photographer, is a part-time Internet application programmer and developer. He is also a music composer, recording artist, recording studio engineer, videographer, and graphic artist. Tony performs and records original music under the name EL's MystERy®.

Lanexatek Creations provides web design, Internet application programming, multimedia authoring services, digital audio publishing and distribution, as well as technological problem solving to select clients. Lanexatek Creations works closely with Brighthouse Web Solutions to provide them with an assortment of on-demand services, including application development and support, as well as web site and server maintenance, security and technological problem solving.

What We Do

Lanexatek Creations specializes in the following:

Application Development

  • Windows application development.
  • Internet application design, development and deployment experience (since 1999) with the following technologies: CGI/PERL, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, DHTML, HTML5, JQuery, Javascript, Adobe Flash/Actionscript and more.
  • Installation and customization of content management systems, including: Wordpress, Joomla! and TextPattern.
  • Wordpress plugin development.
  • Custom template designs for desktop and mobile sites.
  • Dynamic data-driven websites, website security and mobile sites.

Be sure to check out Lanexatek Creations' downloadable software which includes FREE Wordpress plugins.

Music Publishing

  • Compact Disc artwork, layout, design, and production.
  • Digital audio conversion.
  • Digital audio and Compact Disc distribution.

Multimedia Production

  • Custom computer graphics and multimedia creation, including photography and videography.
  • Digital video production.
  • DVD artwork, layout, design, and production.
  • Analog to digital video conversion.